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Debont Centre Pivot


Why add another pivot to the market

Simple answer, Price. 

Debont Corp China, manufacturers a Center Pivot using the same components as other top Center Pivot producers, with the same warranties or better at a lower price.

The Debont Centre Pivot has undergone significant development, with major input from NZ & Australian dealers to produce a Centre Pivot that features proven attributes from around the globe.

Combine this with the Rain-Tech, Cloud based operating system, you can manage your pivots from any device, anywhere in the world, simply & effectively, starting from as little as NZ$120 per pivot per year. 

What about the steel & galvanising quality from China?

Debont is alongside the other top Centre Pivot producers who now have manufacturing plants in China. The quality of our product is uncompromised.


What about parts and backup service?

The pivots are sold throughout Australasia via authorised  re-sellers who have their own entity. Debont supports all re-sellers with all parts and supplies parts for many other brands of pivots.

Debont Pivot Features

  • 8 " Pivot Point (Used for 5', 65/8" & 8" Spans)

  • Manual or Computer Control c/w Rain-Tech© 

  • Ball & Hitch connection giving 360° rotation,

  • Standard 14.9 x 24 tyres & rims (11.2x24, 11.2x38, 16.9x24 available on request)

  • Span Lengths 37.49m,43.37m,49.13m,54.86m & 60.62m

  • Overhangs to Suit

  • Gearboxes, DMC52:1 (Valley Type) or  DMC50:1 (Zimmatic Type)

  • Motors DMC 25:1, DMC 40:1, DMC 50:1

  • Sprinkler Package, designed by Debont NZ using OEM Software

  • End Guns, designed & supplied within Australasia 

  • Poly Lined Pipes available in all sizes.

Ok, Who do I talk to for a quote?

If you are in:

For any other region or area, contact Debont NZ on Mobile +64 210 359 239 or email

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