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About Us


Hello, I'm Richard Kingsbury, CEO of Debont NZ. I have 36 years experience in the irrigation industry from Service to Design to Consulting & Auditing.

Whilst working as a Consultant & Auditor it, become obvious that the Debont Centre Pivot is more cost effective for infill irrigation (3 ha or more) & when designed correctly, it easily meets the COP for application & uniformity.  Position to fence line so no obstacles in the way for other farm operations and you know when its working!

The Debont Center Pivot is not only for infill irrigation, but is extremely competitive in the longer length systems as well.

As Debont grows with product lines, so does our offering to Australasia. If your looking for any of our machinery, please contact me directly.

Personalized Approach


Excellence and Professionalism

I'm excited to offer Debont Center Pivots & Machinery, having completed a thorough due diligence in China. The steel used to construct Debont pivots are metric sized opposed to American imperial. All electrical components have been checked and approved as we have taken the steps to have these irrigators compliant with their own Supplier Declaration of Conformity, (S doc). 

Quality is GB/T 19001- 2016 /  ISO 9001:2015.


Insured and Guaranteed

All our products are offered with manufacturers Guarantee and Warranties. All products are delivered insured from Port to Property. All products are assembled or installed by suitable qualified personal. 

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